Antimicrobial Resistance Coalition Response to Public Consultation

Consultation Response | 20 February, 2019 | Download PDF

Health Action International joined 15 other civil society organisations, as part of the Antimicrobial Resistance Coalition (ARC), in response to a World Health Organization (WHO) public consultation on the draft recommendations of the Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG).

ARC urges the IACG to communicate to policymakers reading its final recommendations that:

  • The need to respond to the challenge of antimicrobial resistance is urgent
  • Resources–both financial and technical–must be commensurate with the call for action on AMR. A stronger case for investment, including for capacity building, should be made.
  • Targets must be set, both globally and at the country level, so that milestones might be measured and met in addressing this challenge in a timely manner.
  • Accountability for meeting these milestones must be put into place.
  • We need recommendations that will move the world forward, not just reiterate what has already been proposed in previous reports. So the value added of the IACG’s recommendations should be clearly stated.
  • To address the intersectoral dimensions of this challenge, the report should take a systems perspective of how the recommendations fit together.
  • Conflicts of interest must be addressed at all levels of the recommendations where industry is suggested to play a role or contribute in global governance, financing, and implementing interventions on stewardship or access.

Download the full set of recommendations here