ACCISS Study Report | Access to Insulin: Current Challenges and Constraints

ACCISS Study Report | 23 March 2017 | Download PDF

Executive Summary

The Addressing the Challenge and Constraints of Insulin Sources and Supply (ACCISS) Study has completed its first phase of work, which aimed to gain an overall understanding of the insulin market through different profiles. These included profiles on the insulin market,

Position Statement: TACD Positive Consumer Agenda – New Rules for the Global Economy

Position Statement | 20 March, 2017 | Download Link

Trade agreements — their scope, transparency and legitimacy — must now be reimagined. This paper outlines a consensus position of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), a coalition of more than 75 European and US-based consumer organizations. It is intended to be an initial vision on how trade agreements should be limited to trade matters,

Media Release: Health Action International start een publiekscampagne tegen stijgende medicijnprijzen

Media Release | 7 March 2017 | Download PDF

AMSTERDAM—Vandaag lanceert Health Action International een campagne waarin zij verkiezingskandidaten oproept om een einde te maken aan stijgende medicijnprijzen in Nederland. De kosten van de duurste geneesmiddelen zijn inmiddels opgelopen tot €1,7 miljard per jaar.

“De prijzen rijzen de pan uit.

Media Release: Soaring Medicine Prices the Target Of New Public Campaign Ahead Of 15 March Election

Media Release | 7 March 2017 | Download PDF

AMSTERDAM—A campaign launched by Health Action International today calls on political candidates running in the Dutch national election to commit to putting an end to soaring medicine prices in The Netherlands, where expenditure on the highest-priced pharmaceuticals has reached €1.7 billion per year.

Media Statement: European Parliament Hits Target in Recommendations for Improving Access to Medicines

Media Statement | 3 March 2017 | Download PDF

AMSTERDAM—Health Action International commends the European Parliament for its Report on European Union (EU) Options for Improving Access to Medicines, the timing of which is crucial given the increasing inability for healthcare systems to provide access to high-priced medicines.

Conference Report: Clinical Drug Trials

Conference Report | 7 February 2017 | Download PDF

Clinical trials are at the core of fundamental decisions that are taken on a regular basis in the field of public health by regulatory authorities – such as marketing authorisation procedures.

For pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials are thus at the heart of fierce commercial interests as a marketing approval can represent huge money for its producer,

Media Release: European Public Health Advocates Demand Greater Public Returns From European Commission’s Research and Development Programme, Horizon 2020

Press Release | 2 February 2017 | Download PDF

AMSTERDAM—European public health advocates have called upon the European Commission to make substantial changes to how it funds research and development (R&D) projects for new medicines, to allow for greater public access to the innovations that it helps to fund.

“Europeans have a right to question why they are funding R&D projects without the European Commission taking simple steps to guarantee that citizens can benefit from discoveries that they helped to fund,” said Tessel Mellema from Health Action International,

Joint Submission to European Commission Public Consultation on Horizon 2020

Response to Public Consultation | 2 February 2017 | Download PDF

Health Action International submitted a joint position paper to the European Commission regarding its research and development (R&D) programme, Horizon 2020. Coauthored with eight other civil society organisations, the position paper calls for substantial changes to be made to how the European Commission funds R&D projects for new medicines,

Prices and Availability of Locally Produced and Imported Medicines in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Research Article | 18 January 2017 | Download PDF | Online access

Prices and Availability of Locally Produced and Imported Medicines in Ethiopia and Tanzania

To assess the effect of policies supporting local medicine production to improve access to medicines.

We adapted the WHO/HAI instruments measuring medicines availability and prices to differentiate local from imported products,