The Health Action International (HAI) Europe Association is a formal membership body of organisations and individuals that are interested in promoting access to, and the rational use of, needed medicines in the European Union (EU). Established in 1994, the HAI Europe Association membership elects Association board members, shapes the Association policy on membership issues, passes resolutions and shares information on activities and campaigns. Association members are highly committed to the goals of the network and volunteer their time and expertise. This gives HAI a strategic depth of knowledge, a range of perspectives and unique flexibility in how it responds to health issues. As an independent network, the Association does not accept funding from commercial entities.

Become a HAI Europe Association Member
The HAI Europe Association welcomes new members who wish to work collaboratively on important EU medicines policy issues. Projects and campaigns are coordinated by office staff, but they rely on Association members to campaign, lobby, research, and analyse issues, particularly at the national level. At the same time, members’ expertise and views inform HAI’s European policy positions. HAI uses a wide variety of tools to foster communication among its staff and members. All members may sign up to a bi-monthly electronic newsletter, which informs them about HAI’s activities and events of interest. Members are encouraged to submit articles, events and other information to the newsletter.

To maintain the independence of the Association, members must not have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry and make a declaration of interests stating they are free of potential conflicts of interest. In addition, members may choose to sign the Association’s ‘No Thank You’ Charter, which allows them to further express their commitment to avoiding activities and relationships that may result in conflict of interest situations.

If you believe that the HAI Europe Association network could complement your work and you could support the work of the Association, please complete the membership application and send it by mail or email to:

Raquel Wind
Health Action International
Overtoom 60 (2)
1054 HK Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Annual General Meeting
The HAI Europe Association’s annual general meeting is normally held in a different location in the EU every year. This enables host country members to expand their profile regionally and within the network. For more information about the meeting, please email Raquel Wind.