Transparency is central to Stichting Health Action International’s (HAI) business model, work programmes, policies and practices. To earn and retain the trust of our donors, staff, partners and other stakeholders, we endeavour to provide ample transparency in, and about, our operations and relationships.

It is forbidden for members of staff to take monetary gifts and gifts of any kind from the pharmaceutical industry. From time to time, members of staff are offered gifts of limited value by partner organisations with which we work, such as universities and interest groups, when invited to speak, as personal thanks, or an expression of friendship.

Often gifts are contextualised by social norms and traditions, and motivated by kindness. HAI will not offend those we work with by refusing gifts of limited value, but will mitigate their potential impact by being transparent.

We will mention to the gift-giver that we do not take personal gifts, and that we share our gifts among the staff and that gifts are logged in a registered on the HAI webpage. This may not always be appropriate because of social norms and values and when a challenge will cause insult.

We will always enter all gifts on a publicly available register, which lists the date, gift received, location where it is being held and the intended mitigation. By intended mitigation, we mean, for example, that confections may be consumed by staff, drinks may be set aside for an office celebration, and more personal items will be redistributed among staff by way of a free draw at the end of every year.

HAI does not give gifts, other than publications and branded items, such as lanyards and memory sticks containing published material.

2017 Item Giver Value Recipient Location Mitigation
Jan Wine (2x) Guest € 10 TR Flat Shared in office
Jan Cadeaubon/
Vrije Universiteit € 20 ME VU Raffle
Feb Wine KLM € 15 TR Office Raffle
Feb Wine Young entrepeneurs € 15 TR MSF Raffle
Feb Vodka Guest € 18 TR Flat Raffle
Mar Rum F. Rossi € 15 Office Office Shared in office
Mar Bracelets (4x) C. Sison € 10 Office Office Raffle
Mar Peanuts from Uganda HEPS Uganda € 5 RV/TR Uganda Shared in office
Apr Coffee/tea N. Colom € 10 TR/Office Office Shared in office/raffle
May Chocolates UAEM € 10 RV GVA Consumed on site
June Beer Kordaat €15 Office Office Shared in office
Sept Plates ACCISS meeting € 5 RW Hotel Casa Raffle
Sept Magnet ACCISS meeting € 2 RW Hotel Casa Raffle
Sept Chocolates WHO regional meeting € 3 J. Vidal Budapest Raffle
Sept Rubiks Cube WHO regional meeting € 5 J. Vidal


Budapest Raffle
Sept Calendar ACCISS meeting € 2 ME Hotel Casa, Amsterdam Raffle
Sept Pin ACCISS meeting € 2 ME Hotel Casa, Amsterdam Raffle
Sept Earrings ACCISS meeting € 3 MB Hotel Casa, Amsterdam Raffle
 Oct  Gift certificate (2x) Presentation  €3 MB  Utrecht University  Raffle
 Oct  Necklace (2x) Patricia Porekuu  €5  RV/RW  Foundation Board Meeting  Raffle
 Oct  Dried mango (15 bags) / bow ties  Cecilia Sison  €15  TR/RW/RV  Foundation Board Meeting  Raffle
Oct Wine Utrecht Film Festival € 5


TR/David William Utrecht Film Festival Raffle


Oct Posters Utrecht Film Festival € 10 TR Utrecht Film Festival Raffle
Nov Chocolate Brussels € 5 AS UAEM Shared in office


Nov Calendar Int’l Assoc of Insurance € 5 TR Almere conference Raffle


Nov USB Elvy € 3 EV Workshop Raffle


Dec Book voucher (2x) VU € 50 TR/AS VU presentation Raffle


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