Our Commitment to Transparency

Given that we constantly demand full transparency of our governments and the pharmaceutical industry, we take great pride in ensuring our organisation is fully transparent. This includes transparency in our business model, programmes, policies and relationships, which is critical to earning and retaining the trust of our donors, staff, members, partners and other stakeholders. We safeguard our objectivity and integrity by remaining resolutely independent. We never  accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry. And we work with staff and members to mitigate any potential conflicts of interest that could call our independence into question.

How We Work

Our work is based on the HAI Constitution and governed by our Foundation Board. The HAI Europe Association Board and its members also provide content expertise for our work within the European Union.

We consistently provide our donors with detailed reports about the work they support and are registered on the European Union’s Transparency Register. In the event that members of staff are offered gifts of limited value, we mitigate the potential impact by entering them on a publicly available gifts register.

HAI is a non-profit organisation and all income and expenditure are transparently audited and announced. No income is accumulated to the benefit of individuals or the organisation, but reinvested in HAI’s mission.

Who We Work With

We work with approximately 3,000 regional networks, institutional partners and individuals in 70 countries around the world. All are part of our global network of passionate experts who challenge the status quo of the medicines chain—from discovery to medicines redundancy.

Within our network, some regions have HAI-specific organisations. Anyone interested can join those region-specific networks. Each region is represented on our Foundation Board. Only the HAI Europe Association charges members a fee to support the work of its board and members. More information on joining our network is available here.

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Business Conduct Guidelines

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Gifts Register

Our Annual and Financial Reports

Health Action International’s annual and financial reports provide an overview of the work we’ve done in European Union countries and globally. They also provide a detailed account of the funding that we’ve received and spent.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statements


ANBI Requirements

HAI adheres to the Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) requirements for core document transparency. Our ANBI information can be found here.