Staff Spotlight: Jaume Vidal

In this edition of #StaffSpotlight, we present Jaume Vidal, a Policy Advisor on Health Action International’s (HAI) European Projects team. When you see Jaume in the office, he’s often teasing Alex, our Communications Advisor, eating a kiwi, or showing someone a picture of his new baby son. But on top of his charismatic social presence,

Open Science for Health: Shaping the New Framework Programme

by JAUME VIDAL, Policy Advisor - Europe Health Action International (HAI) and Commons Network were joined last week in a packed room at the European Parliament by European Union lawmakers, policy-makers and other civil society groups to debate the challenges and opportunities ahead for the medical research and development (R&D) system. Open Science for Health [...]

EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement: A bad deal for transparency, policy coherence and access to medicines

by JAUME VIDAL, Policy Advisor – Europe

The European Union (EU) and Mercosur have been negotiating a free trade agreement for the last 16 years, with talks picking up pace in the last 15 months. Negotiations are now nearing completion and there are increasing concerns among public health advocates, patient and consumer organisations,

European Commission Appoints Health Action International to HTA Network Stakeholder Pool

By Santos | Senior Policy Advisor

Health Action International (HAI) was yesterday announced as a member of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Network Stakeholder Pool. The Pool has been established to facilitate contributions by a wide range of stakeholders to policy development related to HTAs in the European Union (EU).

We look forward to actively participating in future discussions and to supporting initiatives that strengthen the role of HTAs as a promoter of innovation,

The EU-US Trade Deal Could Leave Europeans Sick

Some help us for a while. Some cure us entirely. No doubt, medicines—when they’re available and affordable—play a crucial role in helping us live better quality and longer lives than ever before. So, why, then, would the European Commission do anything that would risk citizens’ ability to access the medicines we need?

Abysmal decisions: Why the EC’s medicinal units shouldn’t be moved to DG Industry

Last week, European Commission (EC) president-elect, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced his plan to move the units responsible for pharmaceutical policy from their rightful place at DG Health to the commercially-focused DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.
Health Action International (HAI) Europe and other civil society organisations working on medicines policy were shocked and outraged.

Democracy violation: European Commission rejects citizens’ initiative to stop TTIP and CETA


Photo courtesy of: Mehr Demokratie
CC BY-SA 2.0

As the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) continue under a veil of secrecy, the European Commission (EC) rejected formally,