Staff Spotlight: Molly Lepeska

Only when all pieces of a puzzle are assembled do you see a picture. The pieces come in different shapes and sizes, but each has a purpose—and missing one will leave an obvious gap. Only together do they form a greater whole.

Now and in the coming months, we’d like to introduce you to Health Action International’s most precious ‘puzzle pieces’: Our staff.

ACCISS Infographics

The Price of Insulin: Median price of 10 ml of insulin across government, private and public sectors.   Expand and Download. Share on Twitter.   Is Insulin Affordable? The cost to the lowest paid unskilled government worker for 10ml (apx 1 vial) of insulin. Expand and Download. Share on Twitter.  The Price of Insulin: Median price of 10 ml [...]

Insulin Still Unattainable for Many Living with Diabetes Worldwide: ACCISS Study Review in The Lancet D&E


An ACCISS Study Review of the global insulin market, called ‘Constraints and Challenges in Access to Insulin: A Global Perspective, was published Friday in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Co-authored by ACCISS Study leaders, David Beran, Marg Ewen and Richard Laing, the Review describes why insulin is still unattainable for approximately half of all people who need it.