Next Gen Advocates Excel at HAI/HP4L Summer School on Access to Medicines

by Santos Quintano, Policy Advisor, Health Action International A strong civil society is an essential component of an advanced democracy. To facilitate participation in policy-making processes, civil society groups need capacity and expertise. In July 2016, Health Action International (HAI) and Health Projects for Latvia organised a four-day summer school in the charming city of [...]

‘Achieiving Affordable Access to Health Technologies’ Side Event at WHA69

Health Action International is, once again, pleased to be in Geneva this week attending the 69th World Health Assembly. If you will be there, too, please plan on attending a side event on ‘Achieving Affordable Access to Health Technologies’, which we are co-organising with the Medicines for Malaria Venture and Oxfam.

The event will be held on Tuesday,

Top Experts to Discuss Global Initiatives to Reduce Snakebite Death & Disability at WHA69 Side Event

Every year, snakebite kills 125,000 people around the world and gravely injures 2.7 million more. For the first time at a World Health Assembly (WHA) side event, leading venom and snakebite experts, government representatives and medicine policy experts will discuss global challenges, initiatives and strategies to reduce death and disability from snakebite envenoming—one of the world’s most tragic and neglected tropical diseases.

ACCISS Infographics

The Price of Insulin: Median price of 10 ml of insulin across government, private and public sectors.   Expand and Download. Share on Twitter.   Is Insulin Affordable? The cost to the lowest paid unskilled government worker for 10ml (apx 1 vial) of insulin. Expand and Download. Share on Twitter.  The Price of Insulin: Median price of 10 ml [...]

Insulin Still Unattainable for Many Living with Diabetes Worldwide: ACCISS Study Review in The Lancet D&E


An ACCISS Study Review of the global insulin market, called ‘Constraints and Challenges in Access to Insulin: A Global Perspective, was published Friday in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Co-authored by ACCISS Study leaders, David Beran, Marg Ewen and Richard Laing, the Review describes why insulin is still unattainable for approximately half of all people who need it.

HAI/WHO Pharmaceutical Promotion Manual Still Key to Combating Promotion around the World

Regulators in Kabul, Afghanistan, discuss the establishment of a regulatory framework and ethical code of practice to control pharmaceutical promotion during a week-long WHO/HAI session. by TIM REED Health Action International (HAI) continues to use the teaching manual, Understanding & Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion, in many settings around the world. It remains a core HAI [...]

HSA4A Signs Partnership Agreement to Address Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in East Africa


Maternal mortality is the number one cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the fact that maternal mortality is high on the international agenda, the goal to reduce maternal mortality by 75 percent by 2015, is still far from being reached. By advocating and influencing the availability of affordable medicines and contraception and increasing the availability and accessibility of skilled health workers,