Where to find ACTA Draft Negotiating Text

Today, the draft negotiating text for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was published. However, for those finding it difficult to locate the draft text document, please find the link below:


and, the link to the Joint Statement on ACTA:


EU Global Health Communication

The Global Health Communication that came out on April 1st contains some good language on Innovation & Access. However it also contains an worrying reference to IMPACT in the policy coherece, trade and access to medicines section. It is interesting this reference has found its way into this section of the EU Global Health Commmunication just now that IMPACT is under heavy fire at the WHO,

Patient advocacy groups: another tool to boost compliance?

Andrew Tolve writes that patient groups are yet another means to provide the education and support needed to boost adherance. The full article is reported by Eye for Pharma on 9 Mar 2010.

Non-adherence is a serious financial concern. John Hosken of Eye for Pharma estimates that

“…drug companies are losing around 25 billlion euros each year simply through patients not taking their medicine.”

No NGO briefings will be allowed during World Health Assembly this year.

No NGO briefings will be allowed during World Health Assembly this year. This decision by the WHO is very concerning as this cuts off the main way for civil society to communicate with the delegates of the member countries and present their ideas. Big Pharma at the same time will still hold their luxury pampering events at 5 star hotels where they have the opportunity to communicate their message to the delegates.