A Year at the Heart of Regulatory Decision Making

by ANCEL.LA SANTOS, Senior Policy Advisor – Europe

It’s that time of year when we reflect on our activities and achievements of the last 12 months. It’s been a busy year across the organisation, and our European Projects have been no exception! Our Senior Policy Advisor, Ancel.la Santos, looks back at a year of hard work at the heart of regulatory decision making in the European Union (EU),

HAI and Snakebite Programme Partner, James Ashe Antivenom Trust, Applaud Government Action on Antivenom at Bio-Ken Snakebite Symposium

by SABRINA HENNECKE, Assistant Programme Officer (Snakebite)

Take away the snakes and the sunburn, and Watamu, Kenya truly does look like paradise. Endless white sand cozies up to a sparkling blue ocean, surrounded by lush greenery and sprinkled with towering coconut palms. Nothing could be more different from my drafty home in cold,

Staff Spotlight: Sabrina Hennecke

What do you get when you combine curiosity, diligence, ambition and intellect? That’s easy—our Assistant Project Officer for Snakebite, Sabrina Hennecke.

In this edition of Health Action International’s ‘Staff Spotlight’, we talk to Sabrina over her typical ramen-noodle lunch about living the #HAILife and making change in the world of snakebite.

Staff Spotlight: Jaume Vidal

In this edition of #StaffSpotlight, we present Jaume Vidal, a Policy Advisor on Health Action International’s (HAI) European Projects team. When you see Jaume in the office, he’s often teasing Alex, our Communications Advisor, eating a kiwi, or showing someone a picture of his new baby son. But on top of his charismatic social presence,

Time for a Treaty? ReAct Reports on Second Consultation on Global Development & Stewardship Framework to Combat AMR

by MAARTEN VAN DER HEIJDEN, Policy Associate, ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance

Last week, the Second Consultation of Member States and Partners on the Global Development and Stewardship Framework to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) took place. Like the last meeting in November 2017, non-state actors were invited to participate in the first of the meeting,

Medicijnen: de link met de maatschappij

Guest blog by FEMKE HEDDEMA, former HAI intern

Last week, we held a successful event in The Hague on public health and innovation in the Netherlands. The success of the event owed a lot to the hard work and dedication of our summer intern, Femke, who writes here on her experiences and what she learned working with us at HAI.

A Week of Promise for Access to Medicines

by ALEX LAWRENCE, Communications Advisor

At the 71st World Health Assembly, the great and the good (and sometimes, not so good) of global health came together on some of the most pressing health challenges we face.

On the agenda, and of particular interest to Health Action International (HAI), were the World Health Organization’s (WHO) General Programme of Work (GPW13),