Health Action International is the only non-governmental organisation that is entirely dedicated to strengthening medicines policy to improve public health. Our staff and global network of independent experts in 70 countries share information and expertise to solve medicines access and use problems around the world. We want all people to receive the right medicine, in the right dose, for the right amount of time, at a price they can afford.

Comprehensive Approach to Advocacy
At Health Action International, we don’t focus on temporary solutions to address medicine access and use problems. We focus on their root causes—poor government policy and unethical pharmaceutical industry business practices. We recognise the importance of the pharmaceutical industry and its contribution to global health, but openly criticise unethical practices.

To improve pharmaceutical policy and practices, we pursue advocacy from the patient level to the highest levels of government through our ‘official relations’ status with the World Health Organization and respected relationship with the European Medicines Agency. Sound evidence and diplomacy are central to our advocacy activities.

Niche Expertise and Products
Our staff and network have unparalleled expertise in all areas of pharmaceutical policy, including intellectual property, pharmaceutical R&D, free trade and clinical trial data transparency. We are the only organisation with technical expertise and products to measure the price, availability and affordability of medicines. We also train healthcare students and professionals to critically assess pharmaceutical marketing using our guidebook.

Our staff and network:

  • research and share evidence on the price, availability and affordability of medicines, pharmaceutical marketing, adverse drug reactions and more.
  • analyse data and provide recommendations for government policies that impact medicines access and use.
  • hold duty bearers to account by exposing poor business practices that threaten proper medicine use and affordable access.
  • lead public awareness campaigns to raise awareness of medicine access and use issues.
  • build the expert capacity of civil society organisations in developing countries so they can hold governments accountable for ensuring access to safe, affordable and effective medicines that are used rationally.
  • manage large-scale projects with numerous partners and stakeholders.

Impact of Our Work
Our work leads to healthier people, families and societies. More patients can access the medicines they need to improve, or save, their lives. Fewer patients and their families are pushed into financial hardship or poverty as a result of high medicine prices. And healthcare providers and patients get reliable, independent information about the medicines they prescribe, dispense and take.